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Saturday, 10

It is easier to describe a study program than a social environment. To study is not only to perform certain tasks and to get familiar with ideas, discourses, and values, it is also a period of your life that you belong to a social space, shaping it as you go. We could even think of this period as a collective artwork, a moment where one absorbs and gives, inhales and exhales knowledges and practices. This collective breathing constitutes a mandate to protect and care for life. Why I am saying so? Because to study—and particularly to study to become an artist—means to discover the skills one possesses to create experiences that reflect on life itself. Reflecting on life must include its more difficult moments, and yet the premise that art is a marvelous speculative ground that allows for the mind to travel without harming anyone remains. Art is there to be able to see the real from all angles, to enhance our capacity to find a way through even during the more destructive eras of history. (...) Art is a multi-textured substance that has the ability to adapt and respond to the rapidly growing rigidity at the core of our worlds, a rigidity that prevents generous movements and impels us toward destruction instead. Today we need to become more generous than ever to be able to act without hate, without fear, and without the impulse to censor others. This is a very difficult task that no one can accomplish alone. The study of art is a chance to exercise peace, and to advocate for more equitable futures.1)

I know Chus Martinez through facebook. I was attracted by her profile picture, a bit of a rebel, a player, beautiful, a royal flash in her hand. We also had some mutual friends. So I made a friend request, which she accepted. That was three years ago. It wasn't until a while later that I became aware of her again on Instagram, where she posted almost daily works by artists she knew personally or whose works she had seen in physical form. I was stunned by her knowledge and experience, thus began researching. The fact that she is the director of the art school in the city where I lived for several decades made her even more appealing. Without question, I'm sure she's never heard of me. Being facebook friends doesn't actually mean much.
Chus Martínez is a curator, art historian and writer. She has held various prominent positions in the art world. She is known for her extensive involvement in the international art scene and sits on the advisory board of numerous art institutions. Her work and contributions have had a significant impact on the art world, particularly in the areas of curation, art education, and advocacy through artistic expression.

1) e-flux announcements: Master of Fine Arts Basel

Thursday, 8
I'm still here, but running behind time...

Thursday, 1

Art Space Work of the Month

Maren Sanneh
Issa Samb, part of “Dakar May 2016” series
photography, inkjet on glossy paper, 2017, 42 x 29,7 cm