diary > may 19

Sunday, 12
Now, finally after one and half years delay and a lot more costs than budgeted, we are moving in to live and work there. We will see what awaits us.

Friday, 3
Channeling energies of different spaces, Bingöl carries not only wild plants and stones of Istanbul but also carries a piece of the gallery wall in Istanbul's renowned art-nouveau style Misir Apartment. The thin layers of the work Displaced Gallery Wall or A Fragmented Memory of a Rose, bring the New Wave—the recent (cultural and/or political) immigrants that came from Istanbul to Berlin—into mind. How do we engage with the new when we are displaced? How to adapt to a new environment?
Interrupted Halfway Through Burçak Bingöl, Zilberman Gallery Berlin

The first work on view in the modest-sized exhibition is The Electronic Diaries of Lynn Hershman Leeson (1984–96), distributed over four screens installed one behind the other. In these confessio nal and often disturbing video diaries, the artist films herself as she speaks directly to the camera, telling stories of her youth, physical and psychological abuse, binge eating, and trouble with self-acceptance, which are interspersed with sequences of news coverage. The connection of current affairs with diaristic accounts anchors the work in second-wave feminism’s assertion that the personal is political.
First Person Plural Lynn Hershman Leeson, Art Agenda Reviews, Stefanie Hessler